What I’ve Learned From One Year Of Virtual School

The pandemic has left a major blow and still continues to do so to the world. There was a period when the global economy almost crashed. Yet, due to existing technology such as the fast internet and social media, we are able to soften the effects mentally and psychologically.

For over a year, the educational sector has changed its ways of learning. Remote and online learning are the priorities, and through the use of stable apps, they were made possible and easier.

However, just like in the traditional format, not all people have the same reception of the new norm. Here are the things I’ve learned from my kid’s virtual schooling.

Some kids can thrive, some can struggle.

Kids who are introverted and silent victims of whatever form of bullying can see the current setup of education as beneficial. This means they don’t need to interact with some of the people they constantly avoid on the campus and possibly can perform better.

There are also kids that struggle, especially those who need more understanding from the lessons given. If a parent is unable to assist, the situation can be worse.

It can be lonely for some and fun for others.

Those who love to hang out with friends all the time find the setup limiting. They may possibly develop social anxiety wherein they can’t gain confidence if they are not with their friends. There are also those who see the good in lockdowns which is to enjoy family bondings even more.

Who knows what will happen next? For now, the virtual school remains to be the preferred setup until the world is free from the pandemic. By that time then, we will see the true, overall effects it has on the learners.

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