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6 Adaptogens That Can Reduce Stress, Improve Immunity, and More

It seems that each day of adult life is just a quest for stress-relievers. Stress will not go away, but you can be immune to the things that introduce it to your lives.
This is where the ‘adaptogens’ come in,  herbs that can help you become adaptable either by providing support to your nervous system to ease emotional tensions or by directly working with the physiological processes of your body.
If you don’t know what adaptogens are exactly, have a quick look at the video below:
The description may be a bit complex, so here are simple terms that describe the adaptogens’ capabilities.
First, it …


How to Choose Produce with Fewer Pesticides and Chemicals

Fruits and vegetables are probably the healthiest food groups. They can be grown in large quantities or in a few numbers depending on the size and location of the plantation. For those who are living in urban areas, the most convenient way to get them is through markets or grocery stores.
The problem is that you wouldn’t know where the fruits and vegetables come from. There is a big chance they come from farms that utilized pesticides and other chemicals, which is really alarming. Here are the top produces that are prone to be sprayed with pesticides:



Whole Wheat Carrot Applesauce Muffins

Baking can be a great bonding activity within the household. Not only will you be having food, but you can also teach your kids about its importance. Additionally, they can learn a handful of useful skills.
This recipe for whole wheat carrot applesauce muffin is not only easy to execute but also guarantees healthy and delicious results.

Whole-wheat flour
Ground cinnamon
Baking soda
Soft butter
Pure maple syrup or honey
Pure vanilla extract
Unsweetened applesauce
Grated carrots…