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Family Life

6 Things Parents Need to Hear Right Now

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, lockdowns have become frequent and normal. It may be concerning, but the good in this is that families get a lot of quality time together at home. This can also be a period where parents can reflect on the way they run the family, and here are 6 things they must realize:
1. A child’s behavior is not always the parenting skills’ reflection
Your parenting skills will shape his/her development, but his/her behavior is a product of all the various stimuli absorbed aside from you. So, keep in mind that it’s not always your fault.
2. A child can interrupt you anytime
A …

Family Life

How to Resell Your Used Baby Gear and Make the Most From Your Sale

As your child grows up, the thing that is taking up space is not his/her size. It is the number of clothes and gears that will go unused. If you are planning to sell them, here are some tips that you can follow:
Keep the items in good condition
Make sure all are complete and nothing is broken. Any damage can diminish the price of the item and the interest of the potential buyers.
Choose brands that have resale value
Not all brands are the same. Some are appealing to others even if they are used while some seem like they’ve been used once only. The more reputable the brand of an item is, the easier it is …

Family Life

April Fools’ Day Pranks Kids Will Love

April Fools’ Day is typically the official day for jokes. It will be enjoyable if the whole family is on board with the humor, and the best way to achieve that is to set up pranks. Here are some adorable and friendly pranks that you can apply with or towards your kids:
Tiny Meal Prank
This prank involves setting up to eat a meal using tiny toy utensils and kitchenware.
Surprise Colorful Milk
Surprise the kids by putting food coloring in the milk carton. Enjoy their reactions as they poured the milk on their cereals.
Shoes Don’t Fit Prank
Stuff the inside of the shoes with crumpled …