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How to Resell Your Used Baby Gear and Make the Most From Your Sale

As your child grows up, the thing that is taking up space is not his/her size. It is the number of clothes and gears that will go unused. If you are planning to sell them, here are some tips that you can follow:

Keep the items in good condition

Make sure all are complete and nothing is broken. Any damage can diminish the price of the item and the interest of the potential buyers.

Choose brands that have resale value

Not all brands are the same. Some are appealing to others even if they are used while some seem like they’ve been used once only. The more reputable the brand of an item is, the easier it is for people to trust it.

Timing is key

Sometimes, the item you want to sell might be used later on. Make sure that what you advertise is cleared for sale.

Take awesome photos

There are a lot of tools that can enhance your photo so they will look at their finest always. Choose angles that are more reassuring and flattering for the buyer.

Provide a comprehensive description

Of course, potential buyers will always ask for details. Reduce potential repetitive inquiries by providing a clear description of the item you are sharing.

Bundle items if possible

Bundling items can help you optimize shipping fees. You can pair related items in a ‘buy 1, get something’ scheme.

Be responsive to questions and messages

Not all those who ask can be potential buyers. Quality customer service will provide you with a big pay-off later on.

Utilize a trusted online platform

You can use sites like eBay or you can leverage social media

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