Are More Moms Suffering from Eating Disorder During the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic is very rough on most of us. All activities outside are prohibited, and only essential movements are allowed such as buying medication and groceries, submission of files, and running important errands. Amidst all that, some see the lockdowns as opportunities for more family bonding. Little do people know that there are mothers who have been suffering from the situation.

It is similar to the definition of an eating disorder, except that the latter is more of an extreme situation. People having disordered eating might stem from unhealthy habits to frequent encounters with stress. Unbeknownst to many, mothers, who are prone to this crazy habit, are constantly trying to overcome that situation yet remain unable to do so.

There is this thing called ‘disordered eating’. During lockdown periods, social media have been the platform for nostalgia. Mostly, extroverted people, who are limited from their excursions, tend to pose throwback pictures to create movement, at least in digital format.

Mothers who are battling from disordered eating might feel the impact more from the comparisons of ‘before’ and ‘now’ appearances. Of course, it is social media when a casual thumb’s up of approval can be freely and insincerely given. This can create a false sense of appreciation wherein these mothers believe that what they have done is just normal.

To be clear, disordered eating is not to be tolerated, but some women can’t handle criticisms from other women regarding appearances very well. Somehow, the resolution of such a problem can be in a form of truthful commentary that can lead to encouragement for healthy living.

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