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Easy Yoga Poses Any Kid Can Do

Technological devices are not difficult to obtain unlike a few decades ago. Many can now afford tablets and smartphones, and if you use them to keep your kids entertained, you might be doing more harm than good. Having those devices can keep them occupied while you get busy with other essential work though.
However, you need some ‘detoxification’ from time to time. And one way to achieve that is through yoga exercises.
But, what if you let your kids participate? It will be like hitting 2 birds with one …


Steps to Prevent the Afternoon Slump

If you think ‘afternoon slump’ is just a myth, then try to observe your day, and you’ll find out that the least productive period is mostly found in the late afternoon.
As a parent, it will be during this time that your kids arrive from school. As much as you love to welcome them with a great big smile, you just can’t sometimes because you are “suffering” from a slump.
If you need to overcome that, here are some steps you can apply:

Have a breakfast rich in fiber or protein. This prevents you from gaining a ‘sugar spike,’ which can lead to an afternoon slump. Reserve …


Avoid Sleep Deprivation as a New Parent

Ask any new parent who is hands-on in taking of his/her child about what he/she currently needs, and the answer you get the most is sleep.
It’s hard to get enough sleep even if you just focus only on parenting. The first few months or years can be really tiresome, and if you are unprepared, it will be even worse.
Yes, it is only normal and must not be a big reason not to have children. However, if you are planning to have one, you need all the sleep that you can get in order to attend to your child with the utmost attention. To avoid sleep deprivation, here are some tips that you can apply:
Always get 6-8 hours of …