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Easy Yoga Poses Any Kid Can Do

Technological devices are not difficult to obtain unlike a few decades ago. Many can now afford tablets and smartphones, and if you use them to keep your kids entertained, you might be doing more harm than good. Having those devices can keep them occupied while you get busy with other essential work though.
However, you need some ‘detoxification’ from time to time. And one way to achieve that is through yoga exercises.
But, what if you let your kids participate? It will be like hitting 2 birds with one …


Steps to Prevent the Afternoon Slump

If you think ‘afternoon slump’ is just a myth, then try to observe your day, and you’ll find out that the least productive period is mostly found in the late afternoon.
As a parent, it will be during this time that your kids arrive from school. As much as you love to welcome them with a great big smile, you just can’t sometimes because you are “suffering” from a slump.
If you need to overcome that, here are some steps you can apply:

Have a breakfast rich in fiber or protein. This prevents you from gaining a ‘sugar spike,’ which can lead to an afternoon slump. Reserve …


Avoid Sleep Deprivation as a New Parent

Ask any new parent who is hands-on in taking of his/her child about what he/she currently needs, and the answer you get the most is sleep.
It’s hard to get enough sleep even if you just focus only on parenting. The first few months or years can be really tiresome, and if you are unprepared, it will be even worse.
Yes, it is only normal and must not be a big reason not to have children. However, if you are planning to have one, you need all the sleep that you can get in order to attend to your child with the utmost attention. To avoid sleep deprivation, here are some tips that you can apply:
Always get 6-8 hours of …

Family Life

6 Things Parents Need to Hear Right Now

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, lockdowns have become frequent and normal. It may be concerning, but the good in this is that families get a lot of quality time together at home. This can also be a period where parents can reflect on the way they run the family, and here are 6 things they must realize:
1. A child’s behavior is not always the parenting skills’ reflection
Your parenting skills will shape his/her development, but his/her behavior is a product of all the various stimuli absorbed aside from you. So, keep in mind that it’s not always your fault.
2. A child can interrupt you anytime
A …


What I’ve Learned From One Year Of Virtual School

The pandemic has left a major blow and still continues to do so to the world. There was a period when the global economy almost crashed. Yet, due to existing technology such as the fast internet and social media, we are able to soften the effects mentally and psychologically.
For over a year, the educational sector has changed its ways of learning. Remote and online learning are the priorities, and through the use of stable apps, they were made possible and easier.
However, just like in the traditional format, not all people have the same reception of the new norm. Here are the things I’ve learned from my kid’s virtual …


Are More Moms Suffering from Eating Disorder During the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic is very rough on most of us. All activities outside are prohibited, and only essential movements are allowed such as buying medication and groceries, submission of files, and running important errands. Amidst all that, some see the lockdowns as opportunities for more family bonding. Little do people know that there are mothers who have been suffering from the situation.
It is similar to the definition of an eating disorder, except that the latter is more of an extreme situation. People having disordered eating might stem from unhealthy habits to frequent encounters with stress. Unbeknownst to many, mothers, who…


6 Adaptogens That Can Reduce Stress, Improve Immunity, and More

It seems that each day of adult life is just a quest for stress-relievers. Stress will not go away, but you can be immune to the things that introduce it to your lives.
This is where the ‘adaptogens’ come in,  herbs that can help you become adaptable either by providing support to your nervous system to ease emotional tensions or by directly working with the physiological processes of your body.
If you don’t know what adaptogens are exactly, have a quick look at the video below:
The description may be a bit complex, so here are simple terms that describe the adaptogens’ capabilities.
First, it …