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April Fools’ Day Pranks Kids Will Love

April Fools’ Day is typically the official day for jokes. It will be enjoyable if the whole family is on board with the humor, and the best way to achieve that is to set up pranks. Here are some adorable and friendly pranks that you can apply with or towards your kids:

Tiny Meal Prank

This prank involves setting up to eat a meal using tiny toy utensils and kitchenware.

Surprise Colorful Milk

Surprise the kids by putting food coloring in the milk carton. Enjoy their reactions as they poured the milk on their cereals.

Shoes Don’t Fit Prank

Stuff the inside of the shoes with crumpled newspaper or thick cloth. As the target of the prank wears the shoe, their brain will surely be puzzled.

Mustache Makers

Draw a mustache on someone who hasn’t awakened yet. You can use water-based markers or eyeliners.

Splish Splash

Apply clear tape on a faucet nozzle. Enjoy as the unsuspecting victim tries to switch the faucet on and be ambushed by the strayed water.

Foolish Food

This may be a bit elaborate since you have to be creative for this prank. Try to switch the recipes of the usual food like serving food that looks like a muffin but is actually a very mini meat sandwich.

Crazy Eyes

Put some googly eyes on any surface that might trigger shock.

Brown E’s

Instead of serving the food brownies, offer them unsuspectingly a bunch of cut-outs of the letter “E”.

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