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6 Things Parents Need to Hear Right Now

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing, lockdowns have become frequent and normal. It may be concerning, but the good in this is that families get a lot of quality time together at home. This can also be a period where parents can reflect on the way they run the family, and here are 6 things they must realize:

1. A child’s behavior is not always the parenting skills’ reflection

Your parenting skills will shape his/her development, but his/her behavior is a product of all the various stimuli absorbed aside from you. So, keep in mind that it’s not always your fault.

2. A child can interrupt you anytime

A child is, most of the time, helpless. Yes, it is annoying to be interrupted, but you, as the parents, are the only ones who can provide for his/her needs.

3. Children need to play

Besides the enjoyment, qualities like decision-making, creativity, and fairness are among the things that a child unconsciously exercise and improve on as he/she plays. Stopping a child from playing something you will be regretting later on. In fact, try to find time to play with your child together. This does not only help with bonding but will also give you the chance to relax and focus on what’s really important – your family.

4. It’s okay to feel a bit of negativity towards your child

With so many negativities in this world, you also have the right to get stressed out. If your child is annoying, it’s okay to get annoyed. But there will always be a fine line regarding anger and hatred that you must not cross, and thus, caution and control must be applied.

5. A tantrum can be a gift

If you are a bit more patient and resilient to their unreasonable demands, your child will, later on, learn the message behind your actions and will forever carry that towards adulthood. That can be considered a gift.

6. You can’t become a perfect parent

Although it is not wrong to strive to become a parent, you must do your duties not with robotic routines but with a human heart. Acknowledge that you can make mistakes, you will be facing risks, and you have to deal with changes.

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