Steps to Prevent the Afternoon Slump

If you think ‘afternoon slump’ is just a myth, then try to observe your day, and you’ll find out that the least productive period is mostly found in the late afternoon.

As a parent, it will be during this time that your kids arrive from school. As much as you love to welcome them with a great big smile, you just can’t sometimes because you are “suffering” from a slump.

If you need to overcome that, here are some steps you can apply:

  • Have a breakfast rich in fiber or protein. This prevents you from gaining a ‘sugar spike,’ which can lead to an afternoon slump. Reserve carbohydrate meals on the later part of the day.
  • Do not abuse your caffeine intake. As much as possible, limit your consumption to 2 cups of coffee or soda only.
  • Take your B-complex vitamin during lunchtime. B-vitamins are requirements for unlocking the fuel stored in carbohydrates. If you take them as early as lunchtime, you will find yourself feeling energetic by the late afternoon, wherein the vitamin has done its job.
  • Sip some green tea during the afternoon. This can provide you more a sense of relaxation and clarity.
  • Eat some fruits and nuts during the late afternoon. You need some healthy snacks to fuel your afternoon activities.

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