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What I’ve Learned From One Year Of Virtual School

The pandemic has left a major blow and still continues to do so to the world. There was a period when the global economy almost crashed. Yet, due to existing technology such as the fast internet and social media, we are able to soften the effects mentally and psychologically.
For over a year, the educational sector has changed its ways of learning. Remote and online learning are the priorities, and through the use of stable apps, they were made possible and easier.
However, just like in the traditional format, not all people have the same reception of the new norm. Here are the things I’ve learned from my kid’s virtual …


Are More Moms Suffering from Eating Disorder During the Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic is very rough on most of us. All activities outside are prohibited, and only essential movements are allowed such as buying medication and groceries, submission of files, and running important errands. Amidst all that, some see the lockdowns as opportunities for more family bonding. Little do people know that there are mothers who have been suffering from the situation.
It is similar to the definition of an eating disorder, except that the latter is more of an extreme situation. People having disordered eating might stem from unhealthy habits to frequent encounters with stress. Unbeknownst to many, mothers, who…