Snuggle Mama is a one-stop-shop for your daily parental dilemma. This includes choosing the best products for kids or parents, planning celebrations with fun ideas, and providing entertainment outlets for kids. Snuggle Mama aims to be a trusted voice of wise opinions by highlighting relevant facts about parenting.

Our Team

The people who are part of Snuggle Mama are some of the best that fit advisers’ roles. They have gone through all the usual parental struggles, and all are passionate and systematic in their methods.

The Vice President

As a mom with 2 daughters, she never settles for less. She has led the development of some of the biggest lifestyle websites in Canada. She also encourages her children to participate in testing any toy or gadget that she will review upon.

The Campaign Manager

She has been active more than a decade ago in digital media. Her experiences in TV productions and organizing campaigns prove to be of such great importance to Snuggle Mama’s growth. Also, she is a mom of 2 twin girls.

The Executive Editor

Another mom of 2 masters the art of multitasking. She is a columnist, blogger, journalist, and top all of that, an author of multiple best-selling books. A number of them are dedicated to parenting.


He is one of Toronto’s pioneering digital entrepreneurs. He has gone through many successful ventures for decades, and his latest success is Snuggle Mama. As a father of 2 teenage sons, his experience as a career-man and a father proves to be an inspiring example to the company.