On Raising Girls – #SearsMom

Sears Charity

As a mom to 4 beautiful girls I can’t help but think how blessed we are to live where we do. Living in Canada my girls are afforded so many more opportunities then their counterparts in developing countries. They easily have access to education, comfortable and safe shelter, nutritious foods, and have the freedom to… 

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30 Days Later – #BetterWithWindows8

Surface Pro 2 (6 of 6)

It’s hard to believe that I’ve already reached the end of my self-imposed 30 day challenge to make Windows 8 and the Surface Pro 2 my only technology (aside from my cell). In that short amount of time the whole family has enjoyed the benefits of Windows 8 and the convenience of the Surface Pro… 

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A journey to Baby’s first food : Introducing Solids

Baby's First Foods

As with any and every baby related journey, introducing solids can be stressful and overwhelming given the plethora of information on the topic. Everyone has an opinion and it’s hard to decide between when, where, how and what! Do you introduce at 4 months as per your doctor’s orders or do you listen to the… 

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Make it a Melt to Remember – Creamy Chicken Enchiladas #MemorableMelts

Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

Over the past few months I have been branching out in the kitchen by trying to incorporate flavours from other cultures. Mexican has always been one of our favourites, but we have always stuck to the simple and easy dishes like quesadillas and Tacos. I have drooled many a time over photos of more complex… 

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Celebrating Hockey Moms With The House That Mom Built #Giveaway #PGmom

PG Hockey Mom Twitter Prize Pack

I’m not a hockey mom, my daughters sport of choice is volleyball, but even so I understand that sports are an integral part of children’s lives, from learning communication skills to teamwork. Growing up as an athlete has its benefits and as moms we are there every step of the way.  On March 17th, P&G… 

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