Meal Planning and Lazy Dinners – How My Frigidaire Freezer Keeps Me On Track#TestDriveMoms


Since going back to work I have been trying very hard to get into the routine of meal planning. Some weeks though things get off track and we just don’t get around to sitting down and doing the planning. It’s during those times that I am really glad to have my Frigidaire freezer stocked with… 

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Unwrap the KINDER® SURPRISE® to Win! #Kindermom

Kinder Easter

Easter celebrations sure have changed over the past few years. Back when the kids were little we went all out with scavenger hunts, pirate maps and a plethora of goodies for them to fill their baskets with. We even took the hunt on the road when visiting friends. These days Easter is a little more sedate… 

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Win Tickets to A Screening of Barbie Princess Power #BeSuper #YEG #YYC

Princess Power

We all have young girls in our lives that we think are super, but sometimes it’s hard to convince them of that. That’s why I love the new #BeSuper campaign from Barbie! Barbie™ is inviting Canadian girls to tap into their inner superheroes and celebrate their own ways of “being super” every day. This new empowering… 

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Making the Most of Those Precious Mommy Moments #FPMomsTop10


As moms, we know how difficult it can be to find time for ourselves, especially in those early days when it seems all you do is feed, rock, and clean all things baby. Luckily there are wonderful products from Fisher Price that can help you sneak in those mommy moments, whether it is five minutes… 

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Think Outside the Gift Bag With a Little Help from Flipp 2.0! #WalmartMomCA

Walmart Flipp-1

I love trying to come up with fun ways to take the act of giving a gift to a whole new level turning a gift from just another thing to find a place for, into an experience too. A lack of time and energy since going back to work has made it that much more of a challenge. Thankfully… 

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Secret of the Lost Caves…let’s talk about that

Secrets of the Lost Caves

Book review by Geneviève Tremblay The cave holds several secrets. All of the twelve know that, especially Talisman, a powerful witch who wishes to rule over the world the same way the Ancients did – using the magic of crystals. Only this time, unlike the Ancients, she will not allow the world to end in… 

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Create Your Own Adventure With David Wiesner’s Spot

Spot app

I love apps, I use them for everything: from finding the best deal on groceries, to photo editing, and even to entertain the kids from time to time. What I love even more are apps that keep me connected, but not in the way that you might think. Apps that can connect me to my child… 

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Finding Your Way in Business and Making It Happen #MoreBizWomen

Home office

I am truly blessed to have known a number of women in business who served as an inspiration and as mentors to me: from the fellow bloggers who have spent countless hours on the phone, and over coffee talking business strategy, to the women in the babywearing community who showed me it was possible to… 

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