Need to #GetHomeFaster? TomTom Shows You the Way – #Giveaway

tomtom giveaway2

I’ve always had a pretty good sense of direction. That is after I get lost getting there at least once. I don’t know what it is, I can plan the route out ahead of time, print up a map, and even have written directions and inevitably I take a wrong turn, spend 15 minutes getting… 

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It’s Spring! That Means if You Have An #ItchyPetSeeYourVet


Before I was a dog owner I thought that seasonal allergies were just  something that human friends went through. After all the only time I’d seen a dog sneeze was when they got their noses into something they shouldn’t have. I now know not only are allergies in dogs possible, it can be something very frustrating, and… 

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A Tale of Two Beverages #HBSocialKitchen #Giveaway

Banana Loaf and Coffee

You know how your mom used to say, “No, you can’t drink coffee. It’ll stunt your growth”? Clearly my family never heard that one because I started “drinking coffee” or rather, coffee laced milk, from a very early age. When I was young I used to spend my Sundays with my Oma doing all the things I… 

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Stone Care Tips from the Experts at Granite Gold® #Giveaway

Granite gold-3

There once was a time that I wouldn’t think of setting down an oily and balsamic vinegar coated spoon on my precious granite counter tops. After many years of lusting for granite, I finally have a beautiful counter, with gorgeous purple veins running through it. The only issue I had was that I was never sure… 

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Barbara’s Organic Kid Friendly Cereals Review

Organic cereals

My kids love cereal. It’s common for us to have 6 or 7 boxes on weekly rotation. Cereal isn’t my first choice when it comes to breakfast, but I can’t deny that it’s convenient and makes the kids happy. That’s why when possible I choose healthier options – options like Barbara’s Organic Kid Friendly Cereals. I… 

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