Holiday Helpers from Hamilton Beach #GIVEAWAY #HBSocialKitchen

Breakfast wrap-1

The holidays can be a time full of stress if you let them. Shopping, cooking, wrapping, and rushing from place to place in order to see everyone and get everything thing done can leave you little time to enjoy the smaller joys of the season. It’s the little things like the feeling of a freshly… 

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Discover the Hidden World of Yo-Kai in YO-KAI WATCH for 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS Game Yo-Kai

 Review by Genevieve Tremblay In the fictional town of Springdale, a dark and mysterious force lurks in the shadows. Little creatures called Yo-Kai, invisible to the human eye, Wander around the town messing people’s hair, ruining their day, and generally be a nuisance. They are the physical embodiments of everyday problems. The town’s people, unable… 

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How to Use StoryBy – The NEW Microblogging Platform that Pays


If you haven’t headed over to StoryBy yet I can’t urge you strongly enough to check it out. Whether you are looking for a new way to add an income stream to what you are already doing, or just want a user-friendly and easy place to express yourself, StoryBy is the place for you. It… 

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Skylanders SuperChargers Review – Christmas 2015

Missile-Tow Dive Clops

Reviewed by Genevieve Tremblay If you haven’t heard the cries of your children demanding the new game in the Skylanders franchise, then I don’t know where you’ve been. The new addition in the Skylanders Universe, Skylanders Superchargers , offers fast fun and gameplay that is a welcome change from the other editions.       Skylanders Superchargers… 

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TD Family Allowance App Review

Allowance tracking app

Every once in a while there is a new app available that makes me sit back and take notice. The new Family allowance app from TD labs is one of those apps. The Family Allowance App is designed to teach kids the basics of financial literacy. Unlike some of the other apps and products I… 

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Play, Stow and Go Giveaway

playskool giveaway

Over the last month I’ve shared with you all the wonderful ways that Hasbro’s PLAYSKOOL Stow and Go collection from Walmart is perfect for play time on the go. From tummy time through toddlerhood and onward, PLAYSKOOL has something to entertain and engage your child no matter where your life adventures take you! This collection of… 

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He is the Dark Side, and He Owns You – Ollie Darkside Review #Christmas2015

Copy of ollie_darkside_side_12_nubby_flux

Reviewed by Genevieve The Star Wars franchise has reopened that dusty cellar of blissful dreams and memories and is welcoming to the world another movie. Of course, with new movies come new characters, new stories, as well as new toys. As we all impatiently await the film, we can entertain ourselves with the trinkets that… 

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New TELUS Shopping Experience in #YEG at Southgate Center

Telus Contest

I’d like to say that it’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about a new store opening, but the truth is there isn’t much I enjoy more than heading into my favourite stores and browsing at the new arrivals. When it comes to TELUS that usually means heading in to oogle the newest… 

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A New Way to Share Your Stories and Get Paid


Blogging as an outlet for expressing myself and as a income stream is constantly evolving, but a few things remain constant. As a writer I want my content to inspire, encourage, tell as story, be seen, and be shared. As a business owner I want my writing to create a livable income. A new and exciting social… 

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Playtime Essentials: What I Wish I Had

Stack N Stow Cups

It’s been a while since I’ve been out and about with a handful of little ones, but not so long that I’ve forgotten what a challenging time it was. Just like every parent with little ones, each outing brought new situations and new challenges. My three main challenges were keeping the little ones with me,… 

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