Dino Dan: Ready? Set? Dino! Review

I love finding new ways to excite my kids imagination and thirst for knowledge.  With my kids that means new books, doing research together on the computer and watching new television shows on DVD.  My son, and by default his little sister, have been car enthusiasts for as long as I can remember.  In fact my son’s first word likely was car.  I despaired of him ever finding another “thing” that he loved as much.  I now see a glimmer of hope thanks to Dino Dan and his adventures!

On the Dino Dan: Ready? Set? Dino! DVD your kids get to follow the adventures of Dan, a paleontology in training as he imagines dinosaurs into the real world.  With a mix of real action and CGI Dino Dan does a great job of exciting imaginations and encouraging learning.  Thanks to Dino Dan: Ready? Set? Dino! My son now wants to learn more about the world of the dinosaurs and all the interesting creatures that lived back then.  I see some fossil hunting in the future for our family.  Best part is hubby has a degree in geological engineering and has a huge love of rocks and fossils so he’s the perfect one to expand on what Dino Dan has started.

With approximately 60 minutes of running time, and 5 adventure filled stories plus extras, your Dino lover is sure to get his or her Dino fix with Dino Dan: Ready? Set? Dino!  on DVD.

Disclosure – I was provided with a screening copy to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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