Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I am a huge fan of Talk Like a Pirate day.  Not really a surprise if you follow me on twitter.  I went a bit Captain Jack Sparrow when the most recent Pirates of the Carribean movie was released.  Disney Junior loves pirates as much as me and have recently incorporated a fun new show for all good little scallywags, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, into their lineup.  In celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day they are running a  marathon featuring episodes dedicated to Izzy from September 19-23 daily at 5:30 p.m. ET.  Kicking off the fun a brand new episode where Izzy uses pixie dust to help the crew fly through the air to SkyBird Island.

Known for her infamous line, “Yay hey, no way!” Izzy knows all about pirate language. Disney Junior is offering a list of commonly used pirate phrases to teach viewers how to talk like pirates and prepare to set sail for the special event with Jake’s pirate crew.



·         Yo Ho! – used to express surprise or joy, attracting   attention

·         Ahoy! – an expression used to hail a ship or a person

·         Matey – a fellow pirate or crew member

·         Aye, Captain – to say ‘yes, captain’ following an order

·         Port – the left side of a ship

·         Starboard – the right side of a ship

·         Shiver me timbers – another expression of surprise

·         Ship shape – all is in order aboard the ship

·         Convoy – a group of ships travelling together for protection

·         Jolly Roger – a flag on the mast that identifies a ship’s crew                      as pirates

·         Plunder – to rob treasure from another pirate or group               (as Captain Hook often does!)

Are you a fan of Talk Like a Pirate Day? You may want to choose your answer wisely or you may be forced to walk the plank!

Disclosure – This is not sponsored, we just love the show and Pirates in general.