New Christmas Jammies For Mom! #Giveaway With #CampAndCabinCozy

Adult pajama one piece

New Christmas jammies for the kids to open Christmas Eve has been a tradition for as long as we’ve had kids. Some years we follow a theme, some years I have made them myself, but one thing that has been missing every year is new jammies for mom. This year, the one I have called… 

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Celebrating Hockey Moms With The House That Mom Built #Giveaway #PGmom

PG Hockey Mom Twitter Prize Pack

I’m not a hockey mom, my daughters sport of choice is volleyball, but even so I understand that sports are an integral part of children’s lives, from learning communication skills to teamwork. Growing up as an athlete has its benefits and as moms we are there every step of the way.  On March 17th, P&G… 

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An Interview with Cheryl Sigmunson – Mom of Olympian Kaillie Humphries #ThankYouMom

Kaillie Humphries & Cheryl Simundson

You never know what will spark a lifelong passion in your child. If you are lucky enough, when that spark ignites you will be there to see it happen. I have always wondered how Olympic athletes get their start and whether their drive is something that driven by their parents or if it’s something that… 

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It’s the Great #FinishTradeIn Event!!


If you missed it somewhere along the way, a few months ago I joined the Finish Revolution. I switched out my regular Finish Tabs for Finish Quantum and never looked back. I love them because they get my dishes clean, even without rinsing. This means I can get the kids to do them, because my kids don’t rinse… 

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Long time no blog

Hi everyone out in Blogsphere Land. I am so very glad to be back and connected again. If you somehow missed Luc’s posts I have spent the past week in the hospital battling a nasty case of pneumonia. I finally convinced them to spring me yesterday. I had no connection to the net, no TV… 

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