8 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Devices

Spring Cleaning your Device

Spring cleaning isn’t something that should be reserved solely for your home. While I can’t argue that closets, garages and baseboards need a good cleaning once the weather warms up and the windows can be thrown open it’s just as important to spring clean your cell phones, laptops, and other tech devices. Below are my… 

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A journey to Baby’s first food : Introducing Solids

Baby's First Foods

As with any and every baby related journey, introducing solids can be stressful and overwhelming given the plethora of information on the topic. Everyone has an opinion and it’s hard to decide between when, where, how and what! Do you introduce at 4 months as per your doctor’s orders or do you listen to the… 

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Spring Break Sneaky Science – Rainbow Rock Candy

Rock Candy

  Spring break is here for many and if you aren’t jetting off somewhere warm then you are probably looking for fun ways to distract and entertain your kids. Rainbow Rock Candy is a fun project that will provide daily discussions of science without making your kids feel like they are back in the classroom…. 

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How to Twitter Party


One of my favourite places for conversation has to be Twitter. I love that you can hop on to a hashtag (the things that look like #This) find new and interesting people to chat with and sometimes even win something. A twitter party is a real-time conversation, that lasts typically 1-2 hours, that centers around a… 

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How to Vlog – Tips Tricks and Tools to Make Vlogging Easy and Fun

How to Vlog

I am still decompressing from my week away in Toronto and recovering from an evil plague that seems to have attacked me over the past 4 days, but I didn’t want to keep everyone waiting too long for the slides that accompanied my Blissdom Canada Microsessions. (Boy that’s a run on sentence.) If you have… 

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How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

How to get perfect tea

Written by Guest contributor – Jennifer Van Huss. You can find Jenn and her crazy crew over on her blog 1Heart1Family, and connect with her on Facebook and Twitter. Jenn is a working mom to two amazing boys and one Princess. 1Heart1Family is a blog about raising children, life with celiac disease and helpful product reviews so you can find the… 

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