I Am The Hunter #UsedHelps    

I wear the title of bargain hunter proudly. I like nothing better than hearing my sister-in-laws talking about how good I am at sniffing out the best deals. I enjoy the hunt for a bargain and almost never pay full price, be it for the foods we eat, beds for the kids, knick knacks for the house or finding just the right piece to add to my home décor. I not only hunt down the best deals, but stock up when I do. You never know when you will need 32 cans of tomato soup after all. I wear the badge of The Hunter with pride.

You are the Hunter

You are the beast and the best deal is your prey.

Your weapon of choice is your coupons’ binder and your badge of honour is your giant stockpile. You will never ever EVER run out of toothpaste. Or air freshener. Or vitamins. Or diapers. Or cat food. (You don’t even have a cat.)

You carefully map your prey with local flyers and you know exactly where the spoils are each week. UsedEverywhere.com is your main hunting ground and you take no prisoners. If a seller doesn’t know how to barter, you move on. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the chase. That’s your theme song Hunter and there isn’t anyone to rival you when finding BIG deals. Now go and pillage the Latest Ads category. We expect you to spare no mercy!

Bargain hunting is my life. With a brand new home to fill, the hunt is on in full force too! I have been having a blast searching UsedEverywhere.com for items I’ve seen in stores at outrageous prices and buying them gently used at a fraction of the price. Has a ding? I don’t care, I’m happy to sand it out and refinish if needed. My biggest thrill comes from getting the best price possible.

Take this gorgeous refinished Vintage China Cabinet on UsedEdmonton.com. I am so in love with it and know it would fit in perfectly with my décor. There is no way I am paying full price for it though, even used. If I can’t barter the seller down then I’ll move on, hunting for my own piece to refinish.

While I am predominately a Hunter there is a little bit of DIY Diva and Savvy Spender in me too.

  • The DIY Diva – ain’t nothing you can’t do with a $1 Mason jar
  • The Hunter – all the deals will be yours. All of them
  • The Flipper – you love the hunt, but you love the ROI even more
  • The Savvy Spender – buy a little, sell a little, it’s all chill
  • The Happy Hoarder – you don’t want it, you NEED it

Visit UsedEverywhere.com’s “BIG Deal Personality” quiz to find out what your personality is and then enter to win $500 or a Samsung Galaxy tablet! For fabulous and fun finds visit your local UsedEverywhere.com site and good luck with the hunt!


Disclosure – I have been compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.



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