Say Goodbye to “Oh No!” Hair Moments with P&G #Giveaway

The season of sleeveless tops, sun dresses and shorts is upon us, and it is a hot one. This means the task of taming locks and shaving becomes a daily routine – No Yetis Allowed. We’ve all had those ‘oh no’ hair moments: we’re just heading out the door putting our shoes on only to find we missed a spot shaving. Or worse yet the humidex is 99% and the hair do you just spent forever doing falls flat as you walk out the door. Note that there are no selfies of me on Instagram since summer started.

I’m happy to report, for those that enjoy my crazy selfies, that there might be some soon as I found a solution that helps keep my tresses under control. When there’s just no avoiding humidity, I can embrace my natural wave, small as it may be, with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Enhancer Spray ($4.99*) and Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Crème Pomade ($4.99*).  The 7-in-1 wave enhancer spray allows for maximum styling so I can achieve that tousled, beach hair look with ease! After a quick spray, just apply the crème pomade for genius curl control, leaving hair soft, touchable and beautifully defined for up to 24 hours.

As for those pesky missed hairs, the Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace ($15.99*) will ensure I never have to worry about that dreaded patch of hair again by giving me smooth, beautiful skin, no matter where I am. It’s compact size means it can fit into even the smallest of purses.

Venus - Snap - Compact in Case

The Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace is the first mini razor of its kind in Canada. It comes ready to travel with a convenient, portable compact case and a Venus Embrace blade cartridge. The easy-to-grip mini handle fits into any Venus blade cartridge, allowing you to choose your perfect match blades or switch it up with something seasonal such as Gillette Venus Spa Breeze cartridges with scented shaving gel bars. Throw it in your purse or gym bag, and don’t forget to pack it in your suitcase for family vacations. There’s no need for shave gel, just a splash of water guarantees that instantly smooth skin is a quick shave away.

Have you experienced a hair “oh no” moment? Tell me about it for your chance to win a P&G Summer Hair Survival Kit! This giveaway is valued at $45* and includes:

Congrats Vesper!

July Giveaway

Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace – $13.99*Venus – Snap – Compact in Case
Gillette Venus Spa Breeze cartridges – $21.99*
Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Enhancer Spray – $4.99*
Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Crème Pomade – $4.99*

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This giveaway is open to my Canadian readers only and will end August 9th.

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  1. says

    I have experienced many a hair “oh no” moment – during the summer my hair is usually so flat and lifeless I keep it in a ponytail most of the time

  2. Brenda Penton says

    This whole summer has been a Oh No! hair moment. Humidity and wind mixed together are not my friend.

  3. stacey dempsey says

    I have had lots of OH No hair moments usually when I have tried to cut or dye my own hair. Summer is tough as the humidity makes my hair get puffy and frizzy .I like to keep a hat on hand just in case lol

  4. angela m says

    My oh no hair moment is quite often ,My hair usually sticks up around my crown.. That is why I have it in a ponytail all the time.

  5. May says

    I usually get my oh no hair moments during the summer, when I am in a hurry and realize I forgot to shave and wearing shorts!

  6. Jody D says

    How handy would this be! My life is filled with Oh Ho moments! Especially when heading for a pedicure with my friend and i realize it was not a shave day and now I am late!

  7. Glogirl says

    Yes, I’ve had an “oh no” hair moment when I didn’t bother to shave my legs before going to the Dr. because I didn’t think he’d be looking at my legs. Boy, was I wrong!

  8. Maegan Morin says

    Pretty much everytime we try to do some “spontaneous” swimming lol. I dont know why but shaving my legs is the last thing I think of. The little shaver would be great to keep in the car.

  9. Victoria Ess says

    My “oh no” hair moment was when I was rushing to get ready, curled half my head and ran out of time :(

  10. Anne Taylor says

    I haven’t had an oh no moment since I had a nap in playschool and gum fell out of my mouth into my hair!


  11. Doris Calvert says

    One day I was going to a doctor and we had the windows rolled down on a nice sunny day and never thought how my hair looked like, the guy kept looking at me funny, I was so mad and then my husband says have you looked at your hair in the mirror? Nice of him to tell me after the appt

  12. Belinda McNabb says

    Oh no hair moments happen to me every summer. It drives me crazy when my hair is totally perfect and then out in the heat and humidity my hair in half an hour is limp and lifeless

  13. Toby says

    Ahhh, one that comes to mind is high school, and bleaching me upper lip…being a newbie, left it on waaaaayyyy too long, and ended up with a really red mustache! Still went to school like a trooper!

  14. Kayla Gilbert says

    I have thick curly hair. So needless to say I have a lot of “oh no” hair moments. During the warm Summer days, my hair bunches up into a semi-affro.

  15. suzi says

    My worst “oh no” moment was when I dyed my hair red in Grade 9. There was a boy I liked and I used to call him all the time. He actually came up and said, “You should have called me. I would have talked you out of it.” *lol*

  16. Lynda Cook says

    When I was younger oh ya, my hair was every colour under the rainbow and it’s a wonder I even have any hair left at all…lol

  17. says

    Once I was really sick for a few weeks and could barely shower, let alone shave. Eventually I had to go to the ER and was admitted to the hospital. I was horrified every time a doctor or nurse went anywhere near my legs!

  18. Angela Mitchell says

    My “oh no” moment is anytime it rains. My bangs become “wings” , my hair becomes wavy, frizzy and tangly!

  19. Suzie M says

    My Oh No moments are pretty much every hot humid day & my hair turns to frizz when I want it to behave

  20. Charmaine T says

    My hair “oh no” moment is going out in a sleeveless top without noticing that my armpits aren’t shaved until someone points it out to me!

  21. Victoria Ess says

    I remember getting ready for a wedding, and running out of time when only half my hair was curled!!

  22. ginette4 says

    This summer has been a no hair moment, the humidity the wind, my hair is short and I have knots in it from the can this be?

  23. Laurie B says

    Just last weekend I had an oh-no moment . It was my nephews baptism and I was so preoccupied getting everyone else ready that i completely forgot I had to shave. Ugh.. picky legs and church pews!!

  24. Violet Smith says

    I have bad hair Oh No moments all the time. Hair is coarse and frizzy, and always manage to miss a spot when shaving

  25. Julie F says

    My worst Oh NO moment was when the water was turned off whilst I was colouring my hair, I had to opened a whole flat of bottled water so I could rinse the dye off, and of course once I had done that the water was turned back on!

  26. Jeannie says

    My OH NO hair moment involved a beach and forgetting to shave. I made last minute plans to head to the beach with some friends, but as I was on my way there I realized I forgot to shave!!!

  27. Florence C says

    I have bad hair days when windy and the hair sticks up and it is hard to get it to stay down.

  28. Debbie W says

    I’m having lots of oh no moments lately. My hair is thinning and not co-operating at all