It’s a #ZEROInhibitions Twitter Party

I have a love affair with bread. No really. I like it all soft and warm and smothered in butter, or Nutella if I am feeling particularly naughty. I have tried to step away from my love of bread and go gluten-free, but there is something that keeps whispering in my ear “eat me”. Now, thanks to the new Dempster’s ZERO I can indulge in my bread fantasies (mmm pb and banana) with less guilt. Dempster’s ZERO has no added fat or sugar which means I can enjoy the delicious Whole Wheat bread I know and love with #ZEROInhibitions.


For even more steamy indulgence Dempster’s has created a “Create your own romance novel” app on their Facebook page. Here’s a little snippet from mine. I just have to laugh at how perfect this quote is for me.

“Um … are you … are you taking pictures of bread rolls right now?”

Sabrina’s eyebrow arched in an expression of mild disbelief, but the corners of her lips started to creep up into a small smile at her friend’s eccentric behaviour. “Seriously? We have a line of customers at the door and the ‘important’ thing you have to do first is take pictures of our bread rolls?”

Julia grinned. “It is important! See how perfect they look in this light? The crust just barely kissed with golden brown? Isn’t it amazing? Doesn’t it just make you want to stop for a moment and appreciate the little things we have in life and the fresh experiences that greet us every morning? Doesn’t it make you feel comforted, and inspired, and excited?”


Join us in celebrating the fact that we can keep the romance alive with Dempster’s ZERO during the #ZeroInhibitions Twitter party Wed, Feb 19th at 9pm EST! You could win one of 8 prizes of 6 months worth of FREE BREAD or a $500 Romance Gift Package from To be eligible to win RSVP below and then join in the conversation under the #ZeroInhibitions hashtag on Wednesday.

Date: Wednesday February 19th, 2014

Time: 9:00 pm ET

Party Hashtag: #ZeroInhibitions

Host – @Dempsters

Moderators: @Childmode  – @Listen2Lena – @FeistyFrugal – @Nugglemama – @SassyModernMom 


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