Ever After High – Are You a Rebel or a Royal? #SearsMom

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Raising children is can be challenging, but it’s also filled with many moments of pure awesome.  One of my biggest challenges as a parent has been letting go of my needs and encouraging my children’s independence. With some of my children that challenge is easier than others simply because of the personality of the child.

My second oldest has been fighting against conventions and expectations since a very early age. Her first act of rebellion, ditching the long hair her papa loved for a pixie cut in grade one. She faced teasing and many comments of people mistaking her for a boy, but she wore that hair proudly for years. I’m proud that she knows who she is and what she likes and isn’t afraid to stand up for it. Even if sometimes I wish she’d take the easy road.


She’s known who she is and what she needs right from the start. My job is giving her the room to explore and discover on her own while still giving her guidance. She doesn’t want or need my help in most cases, but when she does its my job to make sure she knows I am there for her. As she gets older I have to let her lead the way more often and it isn’t always easy.

One way I still get glimpses into whats going on in her head is when she plays with her sisters. Even though she’s at that uncomfortable in between stage where she isn’t quite a young woman, and yet not a child play is something that she still enjoys without reservation most of the time. Thankfully her taste in toys is as eclectic as her style and she loves toys that go outside the norms. One brand that she has eyed has been the new Ever After High dolls which are new to Sears this month!

The Ever After High storyline is based on the children of famous fairy tale characters attending high school. The children are destined to follow in their parents’ footsteps to keep their stories alive through generations. If they do not, their stories will cease to exist and they will disappear.

The brand provides girls (ages 8+) the courage and confidence to make their OWN decisions. To empower them to break from the crowd, be an influencer and not afraid to be different.

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The concept revolves around two sides ‘Royals and Rebels’ – those who know they will have a happily ever after and will follow their destiny OR those who “Rebel” against what’s set for them and are about writing their own destiny. I love this idea and it fits in so well with my kids each of who embody different character traits. I know that these dolls will be on all my younger daughter’s lists come birthdays. Right now though I have a gift for one of my Canadian Readers to celebrate the launch of the Ever After High line of clothes, dolls and accessories at Sears!

To be entered to win a $50 Sears gift card fill out the PromoSimple form below.

Disclosure: I am part of the Sears Mom Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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