Dog Hates Walks

Yes that is my new (old) pooch inside my daughters coat. We went hiking this weekend and ended up carrying him more than not because he refused to walk. When we got home he promptly peed on my floor to show his displeasure at us for taking him with us. I somehow ended up with the only dog who hates walks.

Lazy Dog

We love him anyway.


  1. dewinner says

    Do you put boots on him? We had a dog who would not walk in the winter without them, if you don’t  maybe give that a try 🙂

  2. nugglemama says

    Yes we have little neoprene booties for him, but he walks even less when wearing them if that’s possible. LOL

  3. mikewindrim says

    If you took me out walking in your weather, I would probably pee on your floor too – not out of displeasure but because of the violent shivering :~D