DIY Glinda Costume

Typically for birthdays around here I keep it simple even though my inner crafter is screaming to get out. This time I couldn’t keep her quiet when my middle daughter quietly suggested she would like to screen Oz The Great and Powerful at her birthday party next week. Normally I would have to say no, as Oz is not out on disk until the July 11th (her actual birthday) but thanks to some connections I was able to get a review copy ahead of release. She is beside herself with excitement and I admit I am too. Stay tuned for a number of Oz the Great and Powerful Party ideas on a budget posts.

Today I am going to share with you how I came up with her Glinda Costume and how it all cost me less than $35!

DIY Glinda Costume

The dress I picked up at Stitches for $20 + tax. After looking through a number of stores for just the right dress, this one caught my eye because it’s reminiscent of Glinda’s dress at the end of the movie. I knew with some easy alterations I could add straps and some bling, easy is the name of the game when you only have a week to plan. I probably could have found a dress even cheaper at a thrift shop, but I fell in love with this one.

DIY Glinda Costume-2

I picked up a yard of embroidered lace and ribbon at Walmart ($7). The jewel embellishment on the dress is one half of a set of earrings I picked up at the thrift store for $3.99. To make the straps I just played around with placement using safety pins then hand stitched them to the dress. I also added lace to the top edging of the bodice. To attache the earring I pinned it to the bodice once the lace was sewn on and used my hot glue gun to seal the backing on.

DIY Glinda Costume-4

The shoes are $2 flip flips from Wal-Mart that I hot glued gems from the dollar store onto. I used the same $1 bag of gems to embellish the crown. I also added silver sparkle acrylic paint to the straps but it didn’t work how I planned. Next pair I will stick to gems.

DIY Glinda Costume-5

Last but not least the crown. Using plastic grid $0.50 from the dollar store I traced out the shape of Glinda’s crown best I could using an image from the internet, to make it easy for you I have created this handy Crown Template. Just print it to size and cut each layer out of your desired material and hot gluing it to a headband. Corrugated cardboard painted silver and gold would look most authentic and would have the stiffness needed. Embellish with gems and ribbon and enjoy! I know she will.

DIY Glinda Costume-3

After her party next weekend I’ll share what I came up with for Decorations, goody bags, crafts and Cake!

DIY Glinda Costume-6


    • JuliaGabriel says

      frugalistamama She really is. I would even call her giddy. It’s very cute.