Healthy, Sick, Disinfect, Repeat

I admit it, I am a germaphobe, I call it my dirty little secret. In my house the kids seem to bring home an unending stream of illnesses from school. If I don’t stay on top of hand washing and disinfecting it really seems as if the flu season passes through our home without a break.  One kid gets better just in time for someone else to get sick.  In an effort to stay on top of illnesses we have a strict hand washing policy in place, when you come in from outside you head straight the bathroom to wash your hands.  Do not pass go!  I even designed my bathroom with that in mind.  I wanted my sink accessible from the entry without having to go through the dining room.  Less chance of tracking germs through our whole house that way.  That’s why when I was chosen to be a Lysol Healthy Families ambassador it felt like the perfect fit for my germaphobe ways.

I regularly use the wipes and spray during the height of an illness to keep the germs under control and on the counters after preparing meats.  In fact, when it comes to food prep I am extra cautious.  I know from experience that it takes very little to cause cross contamination which can lead to many food born illnesses.

I was sent the new LYSOL® No–TouchTM Kitchen System to try this month and am thrilled with it!  Our built-in soap dispenser is in an inconvenient place and I worry about touching the pump after preparing meats, and who remembers to clean the top of the soap dispenser off in between uses.  With the LYSOL® No–TouchTM Kitchen System I just wave my hand under the sensor and it dispenses a perfect amount of soap without me having to touch anything.  I love it!  The soap is as tough on grease as it is on germs and I have been pleasantly surprised to discover how well it cleans even stuck on foods.  You can learn more about this great product as well as their other new products such as the LYSOL® Fabric Mist and LYSOL® Healthy Touch® No-Touch Hand Soap System at

I am thrilled to be partnering over the next 10 months with Lysol as a Lysol Healthy Families Ambassador and bringing you information about the Lysol Mission for Health which was created not only with Mom’s and their family’s health in mind, but also bringing health initiatives to communities everywhere via new mom programs, healthy habits initiatives in schools, cold & flu prevention programs and disaster relief efforts.  For now I’ll be focusing on battling wet boot smell with the Lysol Fabric Mist.  So far so good!

What is your favourite way to battle germs?

Disclosure: I am part of the Lysol Healthy Families Ambassador Program by Mom Central. I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own.