Shopping for #EqualCanada at #Walmart Take Two

As you may have noticed searching out Equal Canada sweeteners in various locations has become a bit of a trend for me.  Some places I have had luck, others not so much.  In fact for the most part Quebec seems to have a serious lack of Equal sweeteners.  Last month I headed out to my local Walmart to find the new yellow Canister of Equal Sucralose on Rollback and didn’t have any luck but with my second try, and a new location, I was hoping for some better luck.  Unfortunately this trip wouldn’t prove any different then my first.

I headed out with my three youngest kids on Friday night, who were dying to spend some gift cards that they were recently sent.  On our way we stopped to pick up my youngest daughter’s new glasses on our way.  We were expecting a huge dump of snow so I wanted to make this trip a quick in and out to get just a few things.   With kids along I was deluding myself and the trip took three times longer then I was expecting, but I walked out of there with happy kids.

When we got into the Walmart in the next village over I headed straight to the pharmacy in the hopes that I would find Equal Sucralose among the other Sweeteners.  The pharmacy at this particular Walmart only had the Equal Spoonful and individual packets.  Since they didn’t have the Equal Sucralose, but I still needed something to bake with I grabbed the Equal Spoonful ($2.97).  We  then headed over to the baking aisle to grab some stuff for making brownies from the Equal Canada Website.  I didn’t find the Apricot preserves I needed  for the recipe either so I grabbed  chocolate chips instead.

This is all they had, not on Rollback, no special signage and no yellow canister.

We headed out and met winter.  In the half hour we were in the Walmart the storm hit and hit hard.

We made a quick stop at the grocery store and then headed out for home, driving really slowly because the roads were awful.  Once home I shuffled the kids off to bed and set to work baking chocolate chip cookies using the recipe on the Equal website.  It was an interesting experience.  I am so used to making everything in big batches, but this recipe makes a very small batch so I ended up switching from my Kitchen Aid Mixer to my hand blender finally using just a wooden spoon and arm power.   The cookies baked up fast and before long hubby and I were treating ourselves to a late night snack with a bit less guilt.

Not a bad little cookie.

Even though my shop at Walmart Canada for Equal Sucralose was less than successful I’ll keep hoping to see that bright yellow box on display.  It’s become my personal mission and I look for it everywhere I go now.


For more low-calorie meal ideas visit the #EqualCanada Facebook Page or give them a follow on Twitter.  To see my whole shopping experience please visit my Google Plus album.


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias  All opinions expressed are my own.

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