D. Bones App Review

D. Bones is an anatomy app for kids geared towards children ages 7 and up.  This app is designed to complement and reinforce anatomy lessons learned at school.  While my elementary school aged children have not learned anatomy as of yet (grades 5,4, and 2)  they will have a head start on lessons I know are coming in junior high school thanks to this educational app.

The D. Bones app offers a three different ways to practice memorizing the placement of each of the bones in a skeleton.

– a puzzle, so users can practice placing bones in their correct location in the skeleton.

– a quiz to test users’ knowledge at two levels of difficulty

– supporting text that provides basic descriptions of bones

I quite enjoyed this app and my older kids, while not begging to play it, have definitely increased their knowledge about the bodies skeletal system the few times they picked it up.  If you have a child who wishes to learn more about how the body works and the skeletal system then this is a fun app that does just that.  The skeleton isn’t overly complicated, but offers the basic components without being just dry educational material.  The puzzle section of the app offers a bit of a challenge as you have to get the bones in place before the snowflakes and ice take over the screen.  I would recommend this app as a great beginners guide to anatomy, and at just $1.99 it isn’t too pricey.

To purchase the D. Bones app for $1.99 please visit the itunes store.

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*Disclosure – This is a sponsored post.  All opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced.